What is the distance between wall studs?

The term "stud" in construction refers to beams of wood, steel or other material that form the framework of a structure. Wall studs are covered with drywall to form the interior wall surfaces.


Studs for walls are usually two-by-four- or two-by-six-inch wooden beams, depending on the desired width of the walls.


Typically, wall studs are placed 16 inches apart. Occasionally, they are placed 24 inches apart.


The distance between studs is measured from the centre of one stud to the centre of the next. Therefore, studs are said to be 16 inches "on centre."


Studs can be located by rapping along the wall with the knuckles until a solid sound results or by using an electronic stud finder, available at many hardware stores.


Pictures and shelving hand more securely from walls when attached to wall studs. Knowing the distance between studs can help you hang objects more easily.

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