Feminizing effects of progesterone in men

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Progesterone is an important hormone that works in concert with other hormones to perform many functions in the human body. Men considering progesterone therapy may be concerned that it will have feminising effects.

Progesterone's function

Progesterone is the precursor to other steroid hormones like testosterone and oestrogen, metabolising one or the other to maintain balance. If you supplement with progesterone, it should not cause any feminine traits to develop.

The aging male

Some men experience feminising effects such as fat accumulation and water retention as they age, but this is due to a condition called oestrogen dominance, according to John Lee, M.D. Bioidentical hormone therapy (hormones that act exactly like your own) in the form of progesterone cream is a treatment for this.


According to Michael Lam, M.D., doses of 6 to10 mg are considered safe for men who show signs of oestrogen dominance.

How it works

Bioidentical progesterone cream is derived from plant sources. The body absorbs it through the skin and metabolises the progesterone into the hormone your body needs. For men, that usually means it will boost testosterone levels.


Excessive progesterone use can lead to too much testosterone. Testosterone that cannot be used by your body may convert to oestrogen, leading back to the feminising effects of the original oestrogen dominance.