Almond Oil & Eyebrows

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Many people can have a bit of a tough time with patchy eyebrows. Eyebrow hair may be easy to remove with tweezers or other beauty tools, but some people can get a little too enthusiastic with them. Some people suffer from conditions or diseases that cause their eyebrow hair to fall out.

Almond oil can help stimulate the regrowth of hair and thus help restore normal eyebrow appearance.

Eyebrow Problems

When not caused by overly enthusiastic grooming, balding eyebrows can be the result of any of a wide range of diseases or conditions. One such is alopecia aerate, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly destroys hair follicles and inflames the skin in the area (scarring alopecia) or simply attacks hair strands (nonscarring alopecia). This can lead to widespread hair loss on the head, the eyebrows and other areas. Other significant causes of eyebrow-hair loss include other diseases like eczema, thyroid problems, hereditary hair loss, hormonal issues, chemotherapy and fungal infections.

Almond Benefits

Almonds have been famous for centuries for being extremely nutritious, as they are an excellent source of protein, vitamin E and mono-saturated fat. Therefore, there are excellent for stimulating hair regrowth as hair is primarily composed of protein. In addition, vitamin E and monounsaturated fat improve circulation and contribute to the health of the immune system, which can help improve eyebrow-hair health if hair loss is caused by a disease.


If you need to stimulate eyebrow hair growth, gently cleanse your eyebrows and gently rub small amounts of almond oil into the eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth to avoid dislodging weakened hair strands. Application may be done at bedtime to allow absorption during sleep. If you are taking prescription eczema medication to deal with hair loss, such as various topical creams or ointments like Elecon and Artistocort, ask your doctor whether using almond oil will interfere with such treatments.


Application of almond oil on patchy eyebrows can have an immediate benefit in that the existing hair can look healthier and more lustrous thanks to the nourishing effect of the proteins in the oil. From a longer-term perspective, when combined with an effective treatment regimen to deal with the root cause of hair loss, the constant application of almond oil can help stimulate new hair growth and restore eyebrows to their normal state.


Almond allergies, warns the National Institutes of Health, are common. In addition, people allergic to other sorts of nuts may also be allergic to almonds as well. If you are suffering from eyebrow hair loss and are allergic to nuts, you may thus experience allergic reactions such as facial swelling and throat closure upon applying almond oil. If this happens, stop treatment immediately and consult a doctor.