Can You Use Acrylic Paint with an Airbrush?

Image by, courtesy of Beverly

Airbrushing is good for many surfaces and paint projects. Leather, canvas, paper, metal and wood are all good candidates for airbrushing. It is important to prepare all surfaces before painting.

Acrylic-Paint Airbrushing

Acrylic paints work well to create long-lasting pieces of art. Both regular acrylic paints and paints made specifically for the airbrush may be used.

Preparing the Paint

However, when using regular acrylic paints, there is a small amount of preparation required to make them ready for the airbrush machine. Always thin regular acrylic paints with water so that they are the right consistency before using.

Specially Made Acrylics

Even though regular acrylics may be used for airbrushing, acrylic paints made especially for the airbrush are the easiest materials to work with. They do not require the same preparation as regular acrylic paints.

Clean Equipment Regularly

No matter which acrylic paint you prefer to work with, never let acrylic paint dry inside the airbrush. Dried paint is extremely difficult to clean out, if not impossible.

Other Paint Options

Other paints that can be used in the airbrush machine include watercolours, gouache, and oil paints. Each of these paints also require special preparation techniques.

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