Bone cancer knee symptoms

Osteosarcoma is the second most prevalent type of bone cancer in humans. Roughly 50 per cent of osteosarcoma cases occur in or around the knee area. Catching osteosarcoma early greatly improves your chances of recovery and knowing what signs to look for will help aid you in this process.

Night Pain

Osteosarcoma in the knee will become more prevalent at night. If your knee pain worsens at night, ask you doctor to check for signs of osteosarcoma.


If the tumour grows large enough, it may look like you have swelling in the knee. This type of swelling will not be cured through the use of anti-inflammatory medications.


The affected knee bones will not be as strong as normal knee bones and may fracture with minimal trauma.


The pain may also increase after exercise, standing for long periods of time, or after walking for extended periods of time.


The onset of knee pain is usually very fast and normally occurs suddenly. The longer you're afflicted by this condition, the worse the pain will get.