Can a Gerbera Daisy Be Planted Outside?

Image by, courtesy of Swaminathan

The Gerbera jamesonii, commonly known as the Gerbera Daisy, is one of the most popular cut flowers sold all over the world. Although they are normally seen potted, Gerbera Daisies may be planted outside in zones 9 through 11.


Image by, courtesy of Javier D. Volcán R.

Plant Gerbera Daisies in an area of your garden that will receive full sun. During the cooler months of November through May, water the plant only when the soil becomes "fairly dry." Plants grow best in temperatures around 23.9 degrees C. Avoid planting in areas that reach below 7.22 degrees C.


Image by, courtesy of Patty O'Hearn Kickham

The aphid is the most common pest to attack Gerbera Daisies. Add ladybirds to your garden to curb the aphid population.


Avoid over-watering the Gerbera Daisy, as too much moisture can breed mildew.


Avoid placing your plant in a shady area. Your plant will bloom the most amount of flowers when placed in full sun.

Natural Habitat

The Gerbera Daisy is considered a tropical perennial, and was first discovered in southern Africa.

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