Curtain Styles

Image by, courtesy of Rene Ehrhardt

Curtains add privacy to a home. Yet, they also add style and charm to brighten bare windows. Window coverings come in a variety of styles.

Curtains vs. Drapes

Drapes touch or hang on the floor, but curtains only cover part of the window. Curtains are also made of lighter weight fabrics than drapes.


Dotted Swiss, chintz, organza, toile and calico are four lightweight fabrics used for curtains. Sheers and lace curtains allow in light without the sacrifice of all privacy.


Headers are the tops of the curtains, and are the means for attachment to the curtain rod. There are tab tops, pleated varieties, slotted headers and smocked headers. shows examples of each type.


Decorative touches add flair to curtains. Ruffles, tails, swags and rosettes make plain curtains fancier. Tie backs add to the curtain style.


Curtains may be placed on doors or walls, besides windows. Curtains need not cover the entire window. Cafe curtains cover only the lower portion of the window with a valance at the top.

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