Eye Infection in a Pet Duck

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of gabriela

As with all other pets, it is extremely important to know how to treat any medical conditions that may occur with your pet duck. One of the most common conditions that occurs in a pet duck is the eye infection. Fortunately, there are simply ways to treat and prevent the infection.

Eye Infections

Pet ducks commonly develop eye infections after breeding. During the breeding process, the breeding bird will take hold of the bred bird with its mouth, leaving a deposit of saliva on the top of the head and around the eyes. As this saliva enters the eyes and dries, it will often cause an eye infection.


Typical symptoms of eye infections in ducks include fluids seeping from the eyes, which dry and form crusts around the eyes. If left untreated, the eyes may become stuck closed.


To treat an eye infection in your pet duck, your veterinarian will likely prescribe some antibiotic eye drops or ointment. Follow the directions on the antibiotic completely to ensure the eye infection is treated properly.


To prevent eye infections in your pet duck, be sure to bathe him whenever he is dirty or has been playing in dirty water. When bathing them, use clean water and gentle baby shampoo and be sure to rinse his head completely.


One of the duck's sinuses runs behind the eye. For this reason, your pet duck may occasionally develop swelling and discharge from the eye when she has a respiratory or sinus infection. Although the symptoms are typical of an eye infection, the condition will likely needed to be treated differently. Contact your veterinarian for the appropriate treatment.