Cost of Diabetes Medicine for Dogs

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Having a dog diagnosed with diabetes can seem overwhelming but, just like people with diabetes, your dog can live a full life. One of the concerns for pet owners is what will be the cost of diabetes medicine.


The initial costs of getting the dog stabilised can quickly add up to several hundred pounds, but once glucose levels are in the normal range the actual monthly costs for maintenance will be less.

Insulin and Testing Costs

There are two types of insulin for dogs: human insulin and pork insulin. Human insulin averages £43 per month while pork insulin averages £31 per month (insulin and testing).


Diet also plays a part in treating a diabetic dog. The dog food given should have high fibre and high-quality protein from meat and should be fed several times a day to keep glucose levels in check.


Fibre can be added inexpensively with plain canned pumpkin--dogs love the taste and it provides a good amount of fibre. Purchasing a high-quality dog food and adding pumpkin is a less-expensive option.

Final Thoughts

A dog with diabetes needs extra care since the owner needs to give injections, test glucose levels and watch dietary intake. However, with proper care, a diabetic dog can live a full and happy life.