What are the causes of high testosterone levels in men?

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Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. High levels of testosterone in men can be caused by multiple factors, including diet, genetics and the environment. Elevated testosterone levels can impact the lives of men in various ways.

Excessive Exercise Raises Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is produced by both men and women. Testosterone is a type of steroid that acts like a hormone. Normal exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body, but excessive exercise can cause elevated testosterone levels. Increased physical activity will raise testosterone levels.

High Testosterone Foods

Levels of testosterone fluctuate naturally, but improper diet can increase testosterone levels. Oysters and red meat and poultry increase levels of testosterone. Increased intake of these foods will cause a noticeable increase in testosterone.

Genetics and High Testosterone

Genetics play a significant role in the testosterone levels of individual men. Some men have naturally higher testosterone levels, and this can be determined by a series of monitoring tests conducted over several months.

Steroids and Testosterone Level

Some chemicals such as steroids can drastically increase a man's natural testosterone level. Extremely high levels can lead to self-destructive and violent behaviour. Steroids and the accompanying high testosterone levels are a toxic mix.

Zinc and Testosterone

Zinc has been linked to increased testosterone levels. Eating foods high in zinc can result in an increase in testosterone. Some dairy products, such as yoghurt and cottage cheese are high in zinc. A person would have to eat a great deal of these foods to increase testosterone levels significantly.

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