What Is the Difference Between Tea Light Candles & Food Warmer Candles?

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of DeusXFlorida

Essentially there is no difference between tea light candles and food warmer candles. However there are differences in tea lights. You might not want to use just any tea light to warm your food.

What Is a Tea Light?

A tea light or food warmer candle is a small candle, about the size of a half-dollar. It usually has an aluminium or plastic container, enough wax to fill it and small wick. The wax will usually last several hours but this varies by manufacturer.

What Types of Tea Lights Are There?

Tea lights come in a huge variety. Not only do they come in every colour of the rainbow but they also come in a large variety of scents. Tea lights can be made of paraffin, soy or other types of wax.

What Should I Use With My Food Warmer?

For food warmers, you should use an unscented tea light so the scent will not interfere with the smell of the food. However, if your tea light is visible in the food warmer, consider using a coloured tea light to match your decor.

What Are the Dangers of Using Tea Lights?

Since you must light a tea light, there is always a danger of fire. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case the candle is spilt. Do not burn the candle near anything flammable and put out the flame when it is not attended. The wax will liquefy quickly and must not be moved until the flame has been out long enough for it to solidify again. Do not touch the container while the candle is lit to prevent burning.

What Else Can Tea Lights Be Used For?

Tea lights were originally called nightlights because they would burn long enough for someone to fall asleep, though this use is no longer recommended due to fire danger. Beautiful holders can be purchased to accent the flame through glass to decorate your home. Scented tea lights can freshen up a room. Make sure your holder isn't made of a flammable resin material.

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