How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden With Fox Urine

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No gardener wants squirrels munching on his strawberries or cats romping through the begonias. Fences only solve the problem until the pests find a way around them. Nets and chemicals could harm both the animals and the plants.

Fox urine, however, will repel cats, dogs and rodents without damaging your plants or the animals that want to chew on them. When animals smell a predator, their instinct is to stay away. Fox urine, available at hunting supply stores, simulates a predator being in the area.

Put on old clothing and heavy gloves before animal proofing your garden. Fox urine has a very strong smell, even to humans. If any urine gets on your clothing, the scent will take months to fade. Heavy gloves will protect your hands from the scent, also.

Walk slowly around the perimeter of your garden. Shake the container gently, holding it about 4 inches above the ground. Make a line of powdered urine along the edges of your garden, keeping it as neat and even as possible.

Apply urine in pleasant weather so it has time to sink into the soil before heavy wind and rain. Reapply the urine after such inclement weather or every three weeks during fair weather.