Difference Between Washing Soda & Washing Powder

Washing powder is none other than powdered soap used as washing powder. Washing soda, on the other hand, is a caustic powder that can soften water.

Other Names

Washing soda is also known as sodium carbonate, soda ash or soda crystal. Washing powder might also be called soap powder.

Complementary Products

Washing soda can help boost the effectiveness of washing powder or liquid detergent. Indeed, a homemade powdered washing powder can be made of the soda, borax and grated bar laundry soap.

Function in Laundry

Washing soda interacts with hard water minerals, allowing the detergent to work better. The soda also removes stains like oil and lipstick. Sodium carbonate is one of the main active ingredients in oxygen stain removers.

Washing Soda pH

The pH of washing soda is 11; pure water has a pH of 7. The 11 pH makes washing soda highly alkaline. You should wear gloves when handling washing soda.


Washing soda, like washing powder, can be found in regular grocery stores. In addition, washing soda, under its chemical name of sodium carbonate, can be found in pool supply stores.

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