Bench grinder safety regulations

Image by, courtesy of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

A bench grinder is a versatile tool that is used for sharpening metal blades and other tools or for polishing metal surfaces. To avoid accidents, operational safety rules must be followed at all times.


A bench grinder is a machine consisting of a high-powered electric motor that is used to drive an abrasive wheel. The abrasive wheel spins at a high velocity and contact with it will grind and sharpen metal.


Safety goggles or a face shield must be worn at all times. Hearing protection is also recommended depending on the material you are working with. Remove any jewellery or loose-fitting clothing before operation.


Before operation, ensure that the grinding wheel is properly mounted and free from any cracks. Verify that all housing guards are in place, and that the grinder is securely mounted to the workbench.


Stand to the side of the wheel when grinding, and always bring the object into contact with the abrasive wheel slowly and steadily.

If the object is too small to be securely held in your hand, use clamps or pliers to secure it.


Do not grind aluminium or magnesium. A fire or explosion can occur as a result.

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