Signs & Symptoms of Dying of Cancer in Dogs

Knowing the signs that your dog has reached the final stage of cancer can help you make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible before that inevitable moment arrives.


Vomiting can be a sign of many illnesses, but when combined with intense weight loss and behaviour changes, it can be a sign that the end is near. Vomiting several times in one day is a cause for concern, especially if your dog seem to be unable to keep any food down.

Loss of Bowel Control

As the death process begins, several of the organs begin to shut down. When your dog loses control of its bowels. this could be a sign that the kidneys and the bladder are failing.

Low Energy Level

Low energy levels on their own can indicate a large number of illnesses. However, if your dog is incredibly weak--for example, unable to walk, eat or drink from its water bowl--this is likely a sign that death is soon to come.

White Gums

Loss of blood through bleeding tumours or other internal bleeding can cause the gums to go pale and even white. This is another sign that the dog's body is shutting down.

Loss of Consciousness

In many cases, the dog will actually lose consciousness before it dies. Should this happen, you can take some small comfort in knowing it will soon be over.

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