Safety rules for wood technology

Image by, courtesy of Patrick Fitzgerald

Wood technology makes construction and carpentry easier. Circular saws, electric sanders and rotary tools cut down on overall time and workload. However, these wood-tech tools can be very dangerous. It is important to follow basic safety rules whenever you're working with wood technology.

Equipment Familiarization

Always read a machine's product manual. As explained by Andrews University, you must not only know the machine's basic functions, you must also know its limits. Never use wood technology at speeds not recommended by the manufacturer.

Workspace Familiarization

Acquaint yourself with the work area before using any piece of wood technology. Locate a phone, first aid kit and exit in case of an emergency.

Safety Gear

Wear goggles to protect your eyes from wood debris and thick gloves to prevent splinters. Also, wear a dust mask whenever you're sanding or cutting. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration explains that wood dust can cause severe respiratory problems.

Proper Bodily Positioning

Never place any part of your body in front of a moving blade or other hazard. Make sure you are standing clear of cords or other tripping hazards.

Be Mindful of Others

Observe other people to ensure they are wearing safety gear. Also, never take off your safety gear until you are sure other people in the area have finished working.