Liaison officer job description

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The title of liaison officer indicates a professional who coordinates the activities of multiple companies or agencies. Liaison officers work in many different fields, though the basic functioning of the position has similarities.


A liaison officer is responsible for ensuring communication and cooperation between two or more entities by serving as an official go-between between top-ranking officials of each organisation. Liaison officers also have a supervisory responsibility for theor particular organisation, usually giving them authority to order the changes necessary to ensure the two organisations complete a given task.


Liaison officers sometimes work for the police force and are responsible for coordinating the activities of other agencies and groups responding to a serious crimes or natural disasters. In the military, liaison officers coordinate the efforts of multiple battalions, while in industry a liaison officer might ensure that two companies working together to complete a product due so efficiently.

Time Frame

Liaison officers frequently work long hours, and may be required to work nights and weekends depending on what type of organisation the officers represent.


Liaison officers are usually accomplished and hold high-level degrees in their fields, such as a master's of business administration degree or a Ph.D. in emergency management. Typically, liaison officers have many years of experience as well, either with their employers or in the field.


Liaison officers are typically paid at the high end of pay scales in their respective fields. For example, in October 2012, liaison officers in the field of emergency management are likely to earn between £51,800 and £74,00, the salary range paid to the directors in the field with the most experience.