What are the causes of early morning stomach pain?

There are many possible causes of stomach pain early in the morning. If you have been experiencing stomach pain in the morning for longer than one week you need to see a physician to determine the problem. Other characteristics are important for an accurate diagnosis, such as location and duration of the stomach pain.

Simple Explanation

The simplest explanation for stomach pain in the early morning can be caused by the type of food eaten the previous night. Eating late at night can also be a probable cause because food digests more slowly when the body is asleep. It can be a simple case of gas build up.

Food Journal

Keeping a food journal---especially foods you eat late in the day---can help determine if you have a particular food allergy or food intolerance.


You can try a few simple solutions to see if they help. Do not eat at least two hours before going to bed. Avoid eating gas-producing food late in the day or evening.

Possible Causes

If your stomach pain in the morning is reoccurring and persistent you need to see your doctor. There is a vast array of possible causes from dyspepsia, Crohn's disease to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


According to the Mayo Clinic, it may not be a stomach problem at all. Besides the stomach there are many other organs in your abdomen that can be causing the pain even if you think it is your stomach, it may not be. Depending on the location of the pain it may be a problem with your intestinal organs, heart, appendix, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas or liver.