Teenagers doing charity work

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Giving to others is important for everybody. For teenagers, working with charities and doing voluntary work is especially useful. Teens often have a mentality of seeking what's in it for them when faced with a new and unfamiliar task.

While charity work really should be about others, a teenager has much to gain from giving time to help others.

Work experience

Many young people complain that they can't get a job without on-the-job experience, but they also fear that they can never gain that experience without a job. That is not completely true. Being a volunteer is an excellent way to get the experience that's needed to build a career.

Emotional growth

Teenagers often become wrapped up in the day-to-day drama of school. Doing charity work gives teens a chance to see that their problems are small in comparison to some of the real issues in the world. Sitting with an elderly person at a nursing home can give her a greater sense of empathy. Helping a food bak or homeless charity gives a teenager the chance to see the needs of others instead of their own.

University applications

Universities love to see charity work on a student's application. In addition to sought-after scholastic achievement, universities look for students who use their time and talents to help others, such as working with special-needs students and participating in charity walks to raise money for cancer.

Finding a vocation

Volunteering with a charity organisation gives a young person the opportunity to experiment with different types of work. Often, these volunteer experiences ignite the fire to a lifelong passion. For example, a teen who volunteers to visit sick children at a hospital may fall in love with nursing.

Make friends

Teenagers who give time to charity will meet other young people who also want to make a difference in the world. Meeting like-minded individuals creates a great basis for lifelong friendships. Teens who come together to read books to underprivileged children at the library will bond together through their shared belief in the importance of reading and education.