Outdoor enclosures for cats

If your indoor cats long to be outside, an outdoor enclosure could be the perfect compromise. An enclosure is easy and inexpensive to build. And if you're not the do-it-yourself type, you can find ready-made enclosures in a variety of styles and price ranges online.

More Than a Cage

Although a large dog cage can double as an outdoor cat enclosure, your cats will get more enjoyment from an enclosure that provides enough space to run and climb.

Solution for Spraying Cats

Both male and female cats spray to mark their territory when stressed, even if they're neutered. An outdoor enclosure lets cats mark their territory outside, so they don't feel the need to spray indoors.

Exercise for Sedentary Cats

Even the most sedentary cats can't resist the urge to chase bugs wandering in the grass or flying through the wire mesh of their outdoor enclosure.

Relieves Boredom

The ever-changing environment of an outdoor enclosure relieves the boredom that can lead to overeating and stress-related health problems in strictly indoor cats.

Reduces Shedding

Spending time in the unfiltered sunlight and changing temperatures of an outdoor enclosure helps cats' coats maintain a normal shedding cycle and reduces seasonal shedding indoors.

Fence Containment Systems

If your yard is fenced, putting a containment system (see Resources) on the fence will keep your cats safely in your yard.