Skin Tags in Dogs

Skin tags in dogs are warts or growths that can look like a form of cancerous growth; however, the growths are in fact harmless and no treatment is required unless the size and location is irritating to the dog.


Veterinarians are uncertain of the exact causes but believe heredity and environmental factors are at the root of the appearance of skin tags.

Cancer vs. Skin Tags

Due to the similar appearance of skin tags to cancerous growths, pet owners are advised to have the pet examined to rule out the chance of skin cancer. Physical exam and possible biopsy may be used.


Skin tags stick out or protrude from the skin and may look like gum stuck on the dog. They can be teardrop shaped.


Veterinarians advise that these growths do not need any treatment unless they are irritating the pet or if they become infected. Removal at this point would be advised.


Keeping a dog's skin healthy is the only prevention technique advised. A healthy diet with essential vitamins is vital to keeping a pet's immune system in top shape.