Can sinus problems cause ringing in the ears?

Sinus pressure can cause discomfort and issues throughout the head. Whether it be in the eyes, nose or ears, sinus pressure is a powerful force that can make an individual feel tired, sick and unmotivated to face the day.

As the sinus cavity swells, it can block off the normal airways throughout the head, causing ringing in the ears and other responses.


The sinus cavity rests between both ears as an empty space that catches unwanted air particles from entering the lungs. When the sinus cavity is irritated or infected, it can swell and place excessive pressure on the ear drum.


Ringing in the ears is caused by the pressing of the swollen sinus cavity on the inner and middle ear. This pressure causes the ear drum to react with ringing and pain throughout the ear.


Ringing in the ears due to sinus issues will increase as the sinus cavity swells. When you blow your nose, the ringing will take on a new pitch and insensitivity due to the added pressure.


In order to avoid ringing in the ears due to sinus pressure, take an over-the-counter decongestant to calm the swelling of the sinus cavity, resulting in a normal amount of pressure on the ear drum.


If the ringing in the ears is caused by sinusitis (a sinus infection), it needs to be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. If the ringing is the result of allergies, taking an antihistamine on a daily basis will cure the issue.