Meanings of Japanese Symbols

Japanese symbols are beautiful and unique. They have an air of mystery and intrigue because they are not only words but also pictures. Here are some common Japanese symbols and their meanings.


"Irrashaimase" means "welcome to the store" or "welcome." It is a common phrase used when people enter a shop or establishment, and every employee will use it.


"Yuujou" means "friendship." The two parts of the word are "Yuu," which means "friend" and "Jou," which means "feeling." It can also mean "fellowship with another."


"Hisshou" means "certain victory." The two parts of the word are "Hitsu," which means "must" or "certain" and "Shou," which means a win or victory. Hisshou can also be a word to call someone who is determined to succeed or win.


"Tenshi" means "angel." However, this is the literal meaning of the word. Enjeru also means Angel, as in someone's name.


"Daisuki" means "love" or "like very much." "Ai" is the word "love" in Japanese, while "Suki" means "like" or "to love." Another variation is "Daisukininaru," which means "to fall in love" or "begin to like" someone.

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