Benefits of udder cream

Once the secret of dairy farmers, udder cream is gaining popularity as a remedy for dry, chapped skin. Udder cream is a thick, rich cream that smooths and protects skin. Udder cream is coming out of the milking barns and making a home on bathroom shelves everywhere.


Udder cream was developed for use by dairy farmers. It keeps the cow's udders soft while it heals and prevents chapping. It moisturises and protects skin from wind and cold.


Udder cream is widely used by people to heal chapped skin and lips. It is mineral oil-based and penetrates skin easily. The mineral oil smooths and moisturises chapped skin.


Udder cream makes a great skin moisturiser. It penetrates deep and gives added moisture to soften dry skin. It is thicker than most lotions on the market and delivers lasting softness to skin.

Moisture Barrier

Udder cream was developed to stay in place on the cow's udder in all kinds of weather. It not only penetrates deep into skin but also leaves a moisture barrier on the skin surface. This barrier protects skin from the wind and elements.


Udder balm has gained in popularity to heal dry skin. As of 2009, there are several products on the market that are made for human use but based on the original dairy farmers' formula. Products such as Udderly Smooth and Bag Balm have taken the original udder cream, then added lanolin and perfume to make it even more appealing to people.

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