Birthday party ideas for a teenage boy

Teenage boys can be fickle, but these birthday party ideas are a good bet to please.

Las Vegas

A Las Vegas theme party can be created with minimal supplies. Props needed for a Vegas party include several decks of playing cards, dice, fake money and poker chips. Green felt can used to cover tables to achieve an authentic look.

Wild West

Bandannas, cowboy hats, cowboy boots and blue jeans are the essential items needed to pull off a wild west party. Other touches can include a country western music CD, plastic sheriff badges, lassos, cowbells and a longhorn skull.


The primary items needed for a camping party are tents, sleeping bags, lanterns or flashlights, and firewood. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and telling scary stories are an essential part of any camping experience.

Sports Theme

If the birthday boy has a favourite sport or team, a sports-themed party is the right idea. Baseball fans would appreciate a party decorated with baseballs, bats, gloves and trading cards. Lacrosse fans would enjoy decorations that include lacrosse sticks, gloves and helmets.


Fishermen usually have lots of accessories on hand that can be used to decorate a birthday party. Fishing lures, fishing poles and plastic fish make great fishing party accents.

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