What Are the Benefits of Nettle Tea?

Touch a stinging nettle plant, and you will soon understand its name. The itching and burning that results can be painful. Despite their reputation, nettles have their uses. One of these is nettle tea.

Nutritional Benefits

Nettle tea is nutritious and has many essential vitamins including A, C and D. It is high in minerals including iron, potassium and calcium.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, nettle tea can be used in the treatment of the pain of arthritis and gout, and it may help with certain allergies such as hay fever.

Diuretic Effects

Nettle tea is a diuretic and can be used for urinary, bladder and kidney problems. For the same reason, nettle tea has been used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.

Topical Applications

Cooled nettle tea can also be used to treat dandruff and other mild scalp conditions.

Expert Insight

Susan Mead, a master herbalist, reports that most people using nettle tea will feel more energetic and sleep better.


Stinging nettles are aptly named. Use gloves to collect and handle the fresh leaves.

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