Engagement Party Table Ideas

engagement ring image by Andres Rodriguez from Fotolia.com

An engagement party is typically hosted by the couple or a close friend or family member to officially announce and celebrate the couple's engagement. Most engagement parties have guest tables, buffet tables, gift tables, cake tables and other tables for festivities that take place throughout the event.

The various tables need to be decorated in order to add a finishing touch to the party. Tables can be decorated inexpensively and simply to showcase the romance of the event.


An elegant engagement party should focus on a tasteful colour combination, at times with colours that complement the wedding colours. Consider gently contrasting colours such as gold and cream or silver and white. Other colours may focus more on romance such as variations of red, pink and white.


A simple, solid colour tablecloth will suffice. You may also opt to add additional elegance to the table using a decorative table overlay. Overlays come in a variety of patterns, colours and materials. For a more elaborate touch, consider covering the chairs with a similar colour cloth that ties behind the chair with a gold or silver rope.


There are many creative centrepiece ideas for engagement parties. These include floating candles in a glass bowl, simple rose arrangements, confetti-filled balloons and small cupcake arrangements that resemble wedding cakes.


Accent the table with confetti, small plastic engagement rings, plastic diamonds and gold glitter. Votive candles typically make good accents to surround the table centrepieces, add ambience and at times provide a light source for evening engagement parties.

Place Settings

Depending on the food served, plates can be decorated with white sugar crystals to represent glittering diamonds. Silverware can be wrapped with a small, fake flower attached to wire. For served meals, the dinnerware can be set on the table, which adds to the table decor. You may rent fancy dinnerware with speciality patterns to coordinate with the theme or colour scheme of the engagement party.