The Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

Three-year-old boys will delight in many gifts, even a refrigerator box. While all boys have their own style, most three-year-old boys have certain things in common. Whether you have a calm, introspective little angel or a wild, jumping daredevil, select toys that can adapt with moods and maturity.


Books not only expand your little boy's mind, but a wide range of topics can be explored. If he loves cowboys, try "The Dirty Cowboy," by Amy Timberlake (see Resources). If he loves trains, try "I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track," by Joshua Prince (see Resources). The suspense is great, and he will be chiming in with "Clicketyclack" as the train nears.


Puzzles come in many different sizes and ability levels. "Round and Round, Jigsaw Jungle and Toy," (see Resources), combines books, puzzles and toys all in one. Each page has a new piece of the jigsaw to remove. At the end of the story, you will have put together the whole jigsaw, which leaves a track for a windup animal to race around. Train sets are even puzzle-like if you don't glue them to an expensive train table.


Three-year-old boys like things with many pieces, such as Legos, cars, blocks, play food and animal sets. He can really explore and be creative when he can build zoos with the blocks, add his animals and attack them with a band of pirates. Choose items that don't dictate how your three-year-old plays with them, and you will be amazed at what he comes up with.


Choosing toys or books that have educational applications will be extremely fun for your child, and his imagination will grow. What a writer he'll be in kindergarten when he has been composing stories during play for two years already.


Many believe that, if a child is a boy, he will not like to play with a kitchen or play dress up because those are stereotypically girl toys. Challenge yourself to look beyond that to the potential fun he could have. Pirates, animals, firefighters and construction men all need a little dress up time too. Pink cupcakes never tasted so good as when your little police officer brings them to you.


No matter what you choose to purchase for your three-year-old boy, be prepared for play and participation. The best gift you can give him is your time.