How Long Do Pansies Bloom?

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Pansies are perennial flowering plants that can be grown as annuals or biennials.

Pansies come in a summer- and fall-flowering annual variety in the north that blooms for three to four months, and a winter- and spring-blooming biennial variety in the South and Southwestern United States that blooms for as long as four or five months.

Time from Seed

It takes five or six months for a pansy to bloom from seed if it is a winter flowering variety. A spring/summer blooming variety will take about three months until it blooms.

Summer Flowering

Pansies that bloom in spring and summer begin blooming in April in most areas, and bloom until June or July or when the weather becomes too warm.

Winter Flowering

Pansies that flower in winter have been bred to bloom with fewer daylight hours. If you transplant the seedlings to the garden by the middle of October, they will bloom by December and the flowers will last until May.

Biennial Pansies

Biennial pansies can be sown from seed, but they need to be kept cool or they will fall into dormancy. Plant them indoors in early summer, and transplant to the garden in the fall where they will bloom through the winter. Allow a few of the plants to go to seed, and they will bloom again in the coming fall.


Once pansies bloom, be sure to pick off the dead flowers so that new flowers will grow in their place. They prefer plenty of mulch and compost-rich soil.

Fun Fact

You can eat both the leaves and flowers of the pansy plant. The flowers can be dipped in sugar and used to decorate cakes, or just wash the blossoms and use them to garnish salads or soups.