What Time of Year Do Robins Lay Eggs?

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The American Robin, or Turdus migratorius, is a familiar bird to those in the Western hemisphere of the world, with range of habitat from northern Canada all the way to Guatemala. They are tiny birds, about 9 to 10 in. in length. Males and females alike have red feathers on their breasts, although the colour of females is more subdued than that of males.


Male robins return first to seek out a nesting spot.

Of the robins that choose to migrate, males will migrate northwards again before the females so that they may seek out the best nesting spots. Females choose a male to mate with for the upcoming spring season based on his ability to defend a nest, as well as his song.

Time of Year

Female Robins are monogamous to their partners for one breeding season.

Robins breed during the months of April through July. Robins are monogamous to their partners for each breeding season, but they choose a new mate each year.

Egg Laying

Robins lay two to six eggs per nest.

A female Robin will lay eggs about two to three times a year during the appropriate months. Each nest of eggs may contain anywhere from two to six eggs.

Time of Day

Unlike most other small, migratory birds, robins mate during the morning and lay their eggs in the early afternoon hours.

Laying habits and Incubation Period

A baby robin hatches in 11 to 14 days.

A female robin will lay one egg a day until her nest feels full. Robins incubate their eggs for 11 to 14 days.

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