Herbal sleep remedies for babies

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A baby that won't sleep or wakes frequently can be really difficult to deal with. Many parents try adjusting the baby's food intake and change his routine, sometimes without any results. Trying herbal remedies could be the next step for a sleepless baby and exhausted parents.

Herbal tea

Putting warm herbal tea, like lemon balm tea, in a bottle before bed can help your little one sleep through the night. This is great for babies around one years old.

Dried herbs

Dried herbs like chamomile, lavender, Valerian root, and ground cinnamon bark in a bag under the sheets of your baby's cot -- or applied directly under the sheets -- can help the baby fall asleep and stay asleep. As the baby moves in the bed, the scent will be stirred up again, lulling the baby back to sleep.

Bath herbs

Adding hops and chamomile in the bath at night can help the child relax and get ready for sleep. Hops and chamomile should be added to the bath in equal parts.

Sleep porridge

Oats in the form of porridge for babies on solid food are used frequently for sleep problems. It is great for stress, sleep deprivation and a general sleep aid.

Oral drops

Remedy manufacturers offer different herbal drops for babies for everything from colic to sleep issues. Typically just a few drops in a bottle of water or directly into the child's mouth will help the child drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Using herbs

When using dried herbs, remember that they are potent and can be used daily. Always ask your doctor before adding herbs to your child's diet.