How much money do music producers make?

Music producers' salaries run the gamut from below average to huge. How much a producer makes depends upon a number of factors, not the least of which are years of experience. Just as important, however, is the level of success reached by the tracks with which the producer is involved.


Salaries can be as low as less than £13,000 or as high as £0.6 million or more.


Producers will usually earn more if they are freelancers, as opposed to those producers who are employed by a record label. Also, producers new in the field with no track record will make far less than those with years of experience and success.


A music producer's salary can also vary depending upon the average number of tracks the producer works on per project.


Your salary as a music producer will also vary depending upon the city in which you live. For example, if you're in a major "music" city, such as New York, Nashville or Los Angeles, you're going to make more than if you are working in Indianapolis.


As a music producer, you will generally be paid one of two ways, either a flat fee or through royalties. Flat-fee payments are usually made when the producer works on one or two tracks on an album.