What Types of Trees Grow in the Jungle?

Jungles are found on five of the Earth's continents. The type of tree that grows in a particular jungle depends largely upon what part of the world the jungle is located.

Central American Jungles

The central American jungles are located in the southern portion of Mexico. They are also found in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. The trees found in this region are acacia cornigera, sandalwood, saman, banyan, ceiba, canito, cookii, ficus, geonoma, jocote, kapok, and Malabar chestnut.

The Amazon

The Amazon jungle covers the South American countries of Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Colombia and parts of Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. Trees native to the Amazon include kapok, Brazil nut, cercropia, fig, chewing gum, abiu, seru, mountain soursop, ilama, Astrocaryum jauari, babassu palm, tembé, cinchona, gallito, arazá, pissava palm, and rubber trees.

The Congo

The Congo jungle covers the African countries of the Congo, Angola, Zambia, and Gabon as well as parts of The Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Trees native to the Congo include apa, corkwood, angouma, mangrove, rachis, canarium, crabwood, cola, safou, yellow sterculia, Garcinia epunctata, African mahogany, and Placodiscus oblongifolius.

Jungles of Central Asia

The Central Asian jungle extends across parts of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Trees native to Central Asian jungles includes palmyra, pong-pong, ebony, bucayo, mahwa, and boroi.

Sout East Asia

The jungles of southeast Asia cover parts of Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. Trees native to this region include durian, jackfruit, jambu, rafflesia, coffee, kapok, mangrove,strangler fig, and tualang.

Australian Jungle

The northern portion of Australia is covered with jungle. Trees native to this area include Australian maple, brown silky oak, coffee, black bean, cottonwood, hairy walnut, leichhardt, milkwood and walking stick palms.

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