What Type of Paint Do You Use to Paint Ceramic?

When painting ceramics, you can use different types of paint. There are different companies that supply paints for your ceramics. Depending on the look you want to achieve, certain paints can be used on your bisque (fired ceramic) piece.

Base-Coat Primer

Base-coat primer is used to completely cover the ceramic. The primer is recommended when using acrylic paints on your ceramics. This will keep your paint from being absorbed into the ceramic and will give you a nice, smooth coat.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are water-base paints that can be applied directly to your bisque ceramic piece. They come in a variety of colours. Any brand of acrylic paint can be used on bisque ceramics and are easy to use.

Water-Base Stains

Stains are applied to a bisque piece and then wiped back with water. They are applied over acrylic colour and worked into crevices to give added depth. Use a brush-on sealer or a ceramic spray sealer after the stain has been added.


Underglazes are paints that are applied to greenware (unfired clay) and then fired to a Cone 04, which is a bisque fire. A clear glaze is then applied and fired again at Cone 06.


Overglazes are ceramic paints that are applied to a bisque ceramic. When using an overglaze, the ceramic needs to be fired in a kiln at Cone 06. Overglazes come in a large variety of colours.

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