Average salary of a nuclear engineer

A nuclear engineer is responsible for designing and developing nuclear equipment. He is also responsible for monitoring, testing and maintaining nuclear reactors. Advanced degrees are often required for people who wish to become nuclear engineers.

Starting Wage

The starting wage for a nuclear engineer is about £39,325 per year. Few careers offer salaries this high to entry-level employees.


After being a nuclear engineer for between 10-20 years, an employee should expect to make somewhere around £61,750 per year.


The median salary for nuclear engineers with more than 20 years of experience is almost £7,150 per year.

Private Firm

Private firms have been found to pay nuclear engineers the most. The median salary at a private firm is nearly £64,025 per year.

Highest Pay by City

The city with the highest median salary for nuclear engineers is Washington D.C. The median salary for nuclear engineers there is £68,250 per year.

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