Benefits of Creative Activities for Children

Pursuing creative activities with children is a healthy way to help them grow and learn. A child is engaged on a creative level every time he draws, paints, builds with blocks, plays games, reads and engages in a myriad of other activities.


Creative activities engage a child's imagination and inspire his thoughts and perceptions. Reading, for example, helps him to experience a world outside of his own, and he can express that world in drawings and paintings.


Creative activities present opportunities to problem-solve, challenging a child's thinking, expanding his perspective and rewarding his initiatives. Figuring out how to build a block tower that is not easily knocked over is a creative accomplishment.

Skill Development

Creative activities can help children build both fine and gross motor skills. Games such as tag and relay races help children develop their gross motor skills, while painting and drawing strengthen fine motor skills.

Bonding Time

When parents and other interested parties work with children on creative projects and activities, they strengthen their relationship by spending quality and invested time together. A game of Old Maid offers opportunities to talk, laugh and enjoy the other's company.


Creative group activities teach children how to work together toward a common goal, building both their individual self-confidence as well as their ability to contribute as a member of a team.