What is the standard height of a dining table?

Depending on the activity, an important factor in the comfortable use of a table is the height of the table top. Dining tables and their respective heights have evolved over time, from formal seating at a standard height table to more casual counter and bar dining.

Standard Dining Table

The standard height of a dining table is between 28" to 30" above the floor.

Counter-height Table

A counter-height table or kitchen island counter top is typically 36" above the floor. While kitchen counter tops are a comfortable height to stand and work at, it is also popular to sit at the counter for casual dining and interaction with activities in the kitchen.

Bar-height Table

Bar height tables are between 40" and 42" above the floor. This height of table is often seen in informal cafe dining or bars.

Outdoor Dining Table

The height for outdoor dining tables are the same as for standard dining tables, between 28" and 30" above the floor.

Chair Heights

The comfortable height for a dining chair seat is 10" to 12" below the height of the dining table. A typical dining chair is 18" to 20" high at the seat. A bar-height stool or chair is between 30" and 32" high at the seat.