Signs of skin cancer in cats

Abby Blank at

According to Dr. Kimberly Cronin, skin cancer is very common in cats, especially those over the age of six. Light coloured cats and those that live outside are most at risk for developing skin cancer. There are a number of different types of skin cancer in cats, and each has its own signs and symptoms.

However, keep an eye out for any of the signs of skin cancer listed below.


According to Kansas State University, most forms of skin cancers in cats look like a small lump underneath the skin, which may bleed or appear crusty.


Some forms of skin cancer may also appear as a sore that does not heal. See a veterinarian if your cat has a sore that does not heal within one week.


Kansas State University has found that some skin cancers may cause your cat to feel itchy. You may notice your cat is scratching more than usual, or constantly chewing or licking the skin.

Skin Redness

In addition to itchiness, cats with skin cancer may have reddened areas on their skin.

Flaky Skin

The ASPCA notes that if your cat's skin suddenly becomes very flaky or scaly, that may be another sign of skin cancer.