Positive effects of global warming

The effects of global warming that scientists are predicting include increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like flash floods, droughts, hurricanes, heatwaves and wildfires.

Rising sea levels that accompany melting glaciers, polar ice caps and permafrost may threaten millions of coastal inhabitants. There are those, however, that project a few positive effects of global warming.

Warmer Winters

Warmer global temperatures mean more mild winter temperatures, which can lead to fewer big snow storms and lower heating costs.

More Plant Growth

More carbon dioxide in the air has the potential to increase plant growth, which means more food and trees can be grown.

More Shipping Lanes

Shipping lanes that are currently difficult to navigate or are completely impassable will become more open, which could lead to increased traffic between North America, Europe and Asia.

More Habitat

Species whose ranges are bound on the north by harsh winter temperatures will begin to shift northward.


Increased sea levels due to global warming's melting of the ice caps will create new estuaries, which are extremely productive ecosystems.

Tidal Energy

Increased sea levels may increase the energy of ocean's tides; excessive tidal energy may become a popular form of renewable energy.