Should I Tip a Furniture Delivery Man?

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Moving furniture is not an easy task. The delivery person may have to manoeuvre a large piece of furniture through difficult entryways or up a set of stairs. If you have special requests for your delivery person or if they assist you in set-up, you can show appreciation with a tip.

Don't Reward Carelessness

Many things can go wrong during a delivery: sometimes these are accidents and sometimes they are carelessness. Your delivery person should not cause damage to your house. It is his job to be cautious. You are not going to tip a deliverer that ruins part of your home.

Bottom Line

Damage will occur when moving furniture. In his Tipping Etiquette Guide, James G. Lewis says you have to consider whether it is an accident or a result of carelessness. Lewis writes that the etiquette for tipping a furniture delivery person is £3 to £6, or £13 for larger orders.