How Long Should I Wait to Dye My Hair After a Perm?

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Although both perms and colouring damage hair to some degree, if you keep your locks healthy and well-moisturised there's no reason you can't dye hair soon after getting a perm. According to Clairol, non-permanent colour can be applied the same day if the scalp isn't irritated from the chemical process of perming.

Be careful, though; colour will process faster after hair has been permed.

Give Hair Some Time to Normalize

When you want to dye with permanent hair colour, wait at least a week after getting a perm to do it, Good Housekeeping advises. Some hair colour products suggest waiting at least two to three weeks after perming or relaxing your hair before colouring it. Clairol recommends shampooing at least once after the perm and before dyeing. Focus on restoring the moisture balance of hair through conditioner before colouring it.

Bottom Line

Most hair care experts agree it is best to wait at least one to two weeks to colour your hair after you get a perm. This gives hair a break from the chemicals and time to recuperate, which prevents further damage. Read the instructions for the hair colour brand before dyeing.