The weirdest GIFs on the Internet

We love GIFs, especially when we try to pronounce the acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. Fun is had. Hilarity ensues.

GIFs are the perfect and laziest way of expressing the intangible feeling of being part of this perfectly lazy self-entitled generation.

In an age when culture ministers don’t read and 30 somethings are socially celebrated for playing video games, it makes sense that GIFs are the sum of our emotional intelligence. Allowing even the most inept among us to show we care (mostly about ourselves) in 8 bits per pixel or less.

And no better way to honour GIFs than by rooting out the weirdest GIFs the olde WWW has to offer. Take a trip on a strange and wonderful tour of the Internet with a GIF as your window seat.

1. Take off.

2. So fresh, so clean.

3. Mel will show you the way, sugar…

4. Take a left on the Patrick Stewart highway.

5. Just Putin being Putin but you know… on a cheese cracker.

6. Good trip with Benedict.

7. Bad trip with Kermit.

8. Pit stop in Japan.

9. Because no weird Internet tour would be complete without Japan.

10. The real heroes of the weird Web.

11. Weirder bananas.

12. And of course the Internet’s favourite animal.

13. Time to take a well deserved Seinfeld break.

14. Back in the saddle with a bagpipe playing Darth. Hardcore.

15. Refreshing.

16. Snap chat.

17. A little something unexpected.

18. Didn’t see that coming.

Consider that you’ve had a productive day. Well done.

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