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13 Highly inappropriate and racist Halloween costumes

It might seem a little redundant to talk about just how wrong Blackface and chauvinism is in a Britain that makes grandeur claims of being ethnically diverse and multicultural. But like it or not, they are both very much alive and well.

When it comes to this time of the year, racism tends to raise its ugly head behind the bigoted mask of “harmless Halloween fun.”

From idiot Twin Tower students and Blackface Cosplay Michonne to Cameron’s latest blunder after being pictured with blacked-up Morris dancers.

We’re known for our thick skin. It’s what separates us from our overtly sensitive American cousins. But there’s a fine line between being funny and being a twat. Some of these Halloween costumes obviously cross the racist line while others fall into the highly inappropriate.

If you’re still in doubt which is which then the good people at College Humor have made this handy “is my costume racist” flowchart.

Blackface is never ever OK. Please please don’t be one of these idiots. It’s big and very far from clever.

Not even when you think you are being ironic.

Or if you claim fan homage as a defence like Julianne Hough’s Blackface for Orange is The New Black’s “Crazy Eyes.”


Now that we have that cleared up let’s move on to some more idiot moves.

Terrorist caricatures are not cool and especially not when you’re subjecting unsuspecting children to it.

Nor are costumes that depict the victims of terrorist attacks like these flaming Twin Towers and Boston Marathon costumes.

When we are dressing our little girls like this we really need to have a good hard think.

Here are some alternative costumes for women who are sick and tired of being depicted as “sexy nurses” and thin stick models.

And yes, “Poca-hottie” is racist.

And now for the highly inappropriate. You decide…

A homeless three year old.

A father-son role model duo.

A meth dealing Walter White from Breaking Bad.

There are NO words. This is not a “safe” choice.

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