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19 Wonderfully Satisfying Moments of Instant Karma

Updated February 12, 2015

Image: Something of That Ilk

If karma worked like it does on My Name is Earl, the world would be a better place. But the actual idea is couched in the supernatural, and even then you have to wait until a whole other existence to reap the benefits (and who’s got the time to do that?), before we even get onto the issue of finding evidence for existence in some other form after death. For the non-believers among us, who’ve also learnt the hard way that even real-world forms of karma are few and far between, all we can hope for is a glorious turn of events that brings a sense of justice to the world – literally, a piece of instant karma. Thankfully, such moments exist, and have been lovingly made into short videos and GIFs so we can enjoy a fleeting sense that the world can be a just place. And also, so we can laugh at others’ misfortune without feeling too bad about it…

This girl has decided to push an unsuspecting boy off the pier and into the murky-looking water – too bad she took such a monumental run-up:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

And this fisherman thinks he’s sure-footed enough to knock his dog into the water… no, no you’re not:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

Cats, as grade-A jerks, also try to get in on the action:

Image: Reddit, user: Guanren

Yeah, just throw your cigarette butt anywhere: cleanliness just doesn’t matter, right?

Imgrush: Woman caught littering (Source: Reddit, user: jefferyjon5)

When shouldn’t you drive on the hard shoulder? If it’s just made of dirt, that’s probably a pretty good sign to not to use it for an attempt at overtaking:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

This is made all the more satisfying because of the messy fall:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

When inanimate objects attack, part one:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

This one is so perfect it almost looks intentional:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

“I know it’s the dog’s treat – the question is, what’s he going to do about it? Oh…”

Image: Imgur, user: howa

When inanimate objects attack, part two: when will they learn?

Image: Imgur, user: howa

This couldn’t have gone any better:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

Whatever he was trying to accomplish, I don’t think it worked:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

PSA for would-be pranksters – bouncy balls bounce:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

This is the sort of eye-for-an-eye karma that might “make us all blind,” but at least we’d get to enjoy more comedic moments like this:

Image: Reddit, user: ACrazyChemist

And the winner in the unnecessary fight between man and dog: the dog, no question.

Live Leak: Man tries to kick Dog but face plants instead

This is basically justice-porn on ice:

Gfycat: Hockey player trips another player and takes a skate to the mouth.

Swift escape, failed:

Image: Imgur, user: howa

This genius decides to try to blow up an ATM, but the ATM won’t go out without a fight:

Image: Reddit, user: forte2

After years of planning the perfect way to steal alcohol, this man was thwarted by his arch nemesis:

Image: Reddit, user: Flavorgsc

So there you have it: instant karma does happen, and if you’re lucky enough to witness it, please upload a clip to the Internet so we can all bask in the warm glow of real-world justice.

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