A Job Description for a Home Care Supervisor

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A home care supervisor is responsible for supervising the individuals who provide care to people who are disabled, either due to age, injury or infirmity.

The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the home health aide provides appropriate service, as well as ensuring compliance with applicable state, local and federal regulations.

Essential Responsibilities

A home care supervisor is responsible for training, hiring and supervising health care personnel. He is also responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations and managing ongoing training and competency evaluations. The home care supervisor may be required to consult with patients and caretakers to assess the quality and/or appropriateness of home care given. A home care supervisor must respond to reported problems in a timely fashion and document and follow up on problems to ensure proper care is being given.

Personnel Supervisory Responsibilities

The home care supervisor is primarily responsible for the home health aides under her. This may include everything from hiring to firing and ensuring quality care for the clients in between. The supervisor is responsible for ongoing training, competency evaluations, providing on-site support and performing 30-day, 180-day and annual reviews of all personnel under her supervision. She may also be required to participate in conferences with primary care nurses, companions and other health care professionals. In addition, she is responsible for scheduling home care aides' work assignments for patient visitation.

Regulatory Compliance Responsibilities

The home care supervisor is also responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state and federal regulations. In addition, the home care supervisor is responsible for meeting any accrediting agency standards and upholding the company's policies and procedures. The position requires organizational ability, attention to detail, completion of extensive documentation and paperwork and familiarity with the health care field's standard practices, concepts and procedures.

Education Requirements

The position of home care supervisor requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree and five years of experience in a related field. Because the supervisor leads others under a wide variety of circumstances, flexibility and creativity are required. A home care supervisor must also exhibit good judgment, planning and scheduling abilities. And he must be able to set and accomplish goals both for himself and those he supervises.

Salary Range

Salaries for home health care supervisors vary based on location and organisation size, but the median salary as of October 2010, according to Salary.com, was £38,110. The lowest 25 per cent earned less than £32,511 and the highest 25 per cent earned more than £44,119. A home health care supervisor generally reports to a unit head or manager. Other job titles may include home care aides supervisor, and aides supervisor--home care. This position is generally classified under non-profit and social services or health care--administrative.