The average salary of neonatologists

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A neonatologist is a medical doctor who specialises in complex or high-risk medical circumstances of newborn babies. These professionals often work in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a medical facility.

They also work with other physicians, such as obstetricians, who care for patients that may have high-risk pregnancies.


Neonatologists are required to obtain an undergraduate degree, acceptance into a medical school followed by four years of education from an accredited medical school, three years of residency in general paediatrics and three years of additional training in neonatal intensive care. All physicians are required to obtain a license to practice; neonatologists must obtain certification from the American Board of Pediatrics, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine.


Most employers offer a base salary for this occupation. Some neonatologists may open their own practice or consult physicians and medical facilities by providing their expertise regarding newborn intensive care. In October 2010, PayScale reported an average base salary ranging between £97,545 and £144,282 per year.

Bonus & Profit Sharing

Along with a base salary, bonuses and profit sharing are offered based on the employer's overall revenues. Average bonuses ranged between £3,208 and £15,858 per year, and average profit-sharing compensation ranged between £4,629 and £31,935 per year. The total average pay including all compensation ranged between £98,830 and £155,731 per year.


Neonatologists work for several types of medical care providers such as hospitals, acute care hospitals, medical education programs and medical services. The highest salaries were in the acute care hospital industry, with average salaries ranging between £89,241 and £148,815 per year. Neonatologists employed by medical education programs earned average salaries ranging between £73,545 and £137,559 per year. Those employed by hospitals earned average salaries ranging between £83,051 and £145,421 per year.


Neonatologists can find employment in many metropolitan areas throughout the country. PayScale reported popular cities for this occupation include New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Miami. The highest wages were reported in Miami, where neonatologists earned between £139,750 and £204,750 per year.