Night porter job description

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Night porters work in hotels providing overnight guest services. The job requires a great deal of alone time and needs a competent person capable of working alone. Night porters earn an average of £17,550 per year, according to Simply Hired.

Those working in large cities or at luxury hotels can expect to earn higher salaries.


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Night porters work overnight. They may begin their shift in the late evening and work until midmorning or arrive on shift at midnight or early morning and work until late morning. Night porters may work full time or part time and may have a split schedule, with non-consecutive days off. Night porters should be able to be alert, proficient and friendly in the middle of the night in order to properly perform their job.

Guest Services

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The bulk of the night porter's time is spent providing guest services. Porters may greet guests, check in new guests, help procure needed items (ranging from toiletries to food items or personal care items). Night porters need to be capable of clear communication and quick problem solving. Often there is no one else on duty to turn to, so a porter must be able to satisfy the guest's needs while following hotel policy. Guest services may involve delivering items to a guest's room, ordering items for the guest from room service or vendors outside the hotel, and using the computer to check in guests and satisfy requests.


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Night porters help ensure the cleanliness of the hotel to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Their duties may range from cleaning and stocking the guest beverage area with water, coffee, fruit or other items to cleaning the washrooms or tidying the reception area. Night porters don't have to perform heavy cleaning with chemicals, since the hotel also employs janitors for heavy duty cleaning; however, light cleaning is a daily part of the job.


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Depending on the size of the hotel, the night porter may be responsible for security or may work together with a security team to ensure building security. The porter must be able to identify suspicious people or situations, must be able to provide treatment for drunk or sick patrons that pass through the hotel lobby and must notify others of security breaches or suspicious incidents. Night porters often have a security camera and walkie-talkie or mobile phone to communicate with others and properly keep the building secure.


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Communication is a major component of the night porter position, since they are required to communicate with guests and several types of employees, from security to fellow porters, doormen, drivers and other workers. Night porters should feel comfortable working alone and as part of a team.


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Night porters should be able to communicate clearly and effectively in both speech and writing. While college is not required, GCSE's may be required. Night porters generally need a work history and references.