How to Find Out What My Voicemail Number Is

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Your voicemail number is the number your phone dials when you wish to check your phone messages and change your account settings. Depending on your carrier and phone hardware, your voicemail number may follow one of a few different formats.

If you need to locate your number for remote use or troubleshooting, you can look in a few different places on your phone.


For some carriers, such as Verizon, the voicemail number is two digits preceded by the star (*) key. Other combinations, such as an iPhone under ATT, use the phone’s own seven digit number or a remote seven digit calling address. If you suspect your number may follow this pattern, try dialling your own number from the phone in question.

Speed Dial

Many phones automatically store the voicemail number in a speed-dial key, often in the 1 key. To attempt to identify your voicemail number, press and hold the 1 key, or otherwise activate your voicemail number. The screen may display the connection number as it dials. Some phones only display the number for a moment before switching displays, or do not display the number at all.

Phone Storage

If you cannot discern your number by dialling your voicemail, your phone’s storage may keep a record of the number. Phones running the Android OS, for instance, keep the number under the “Settings” menu, under “Call Settings” and “Voicemail Settings.” Explore your phone’s calling options menu for possible storage places.

Remote Calling

Some voicemail numbers, including most seven digit numbers, allow remote account access, so you can check your voicemail using another telephone. Dial the number from any phone, and when you hear your answering machine service, or your provider’s automated message, press the pound (#) key, and then enter your password.


For Android phones and other devices that keep your voicemail number in internal storage, you may be able to modify the number to include your password, or other commonly accessed information. To automatically include your password in the dialling information, add a comma to the end of the voicemail number, followed by your password.