What Do Purple Roses Mean?

purple rose up close image by Stephen Orsillo from Fotolia.com

The many shades of purple roses range from light purple to the darkest shade of violet. Purple roses are a hybrid mix of two roses that originated from Europe and China. These roses were first cultivated in the United States in the 1800s.

Purple roses have become a symbol of love and desire for new and established couples alike.

Love and More

All shades of purple rose represent royalty, love, and mysteriousness. When a person presents a purple rose, it should send a message of love and elegance to the recipient. Purple is also an indication of eternal true love, enchantment, magic, and fantasy.

Lavender Roses

Specifically, lavender roses are the indication of a new love or the intent of a new love or relationship. Since blue roses do not exist naturally, lavender roses represent the mysteriousness and magic of the blue rose as a far and distant relative. The lavender varieties of roses are the Neptune and Stainless Steel roses. Both have strong fragrances and are tea roses.

Light Varieties

The lighter shades of purple indicate love at first sight, especially those without thorns. It portrays desire and the feelings that occur when falling in love with someone. Light purple roses should give the recipient a clear idea of the feelings the sender has for him. However, pale purple roses may indicate friendship and the enjoyment of being around the recipient.

Dark Varieties

Dark purple roses are an indication of a love that is lasting. Many people use these flowers during wedding anniversaries that extend past 25 years. These flowers are also given during the most intimate moments of a couple's relationship, such as the celebration or crossing of a milestone. Since the dark purple roses are for developed relationships, it is not commonly given to a new partner right away. The flowers that contain the darkest shades of purple are Night Owls, Midnight Blue, or Ebb Tide. Each of these flowers also have a noticeable fragrance and green leaves that are highlighted or glossy in nature.

Single vs. Multiple

Giving someone a single purple rose indicates simplicity. When the rose has a full bloom, it means the sender loves the recipient. When an entire purple rose bouquet is given, it shows the recipient gratitude for having her in his life. When two purple roses are intertwined, it indicates a current or upcoming engagement.