Role of an adult nurse

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An adult nurse is a registered nurse who works with the sick and injured adult population in hospitals or designated communities. Adult nurses perform routine tasks for adult patients. These nurses meet with a number of challenges daily, as they are put into diverse situations with each patient.

The adult nurse caters to the health care and emotional needs of adult patients.


Adult nurses are responsible for numerous amounts of patients each week. This nurse treats patients, provides health care education and gives the patients and their families support and advice through the duration of illness or injury. This nurse writes care plans for the patient and oversees the patient's progress. Basic duties of the adult nurse include taking vital signs and helping the physician with physical examinations. The adult nurse also administers drugs, injections, blood transfusions or IV drips. More simple duties of the nurse include making beds or helping the patient with personal hygiene.


To become an adult nurse, completion of an adult nursing degree program that results in a bachelor's degree is required. Coursework in this field includes nursing fundamentals, pathophysiology---deranged function in an individual or organ--health assessments, community nursing, pharmacology and adult nursing practicum.


An adult nurse is competent in many areas, allowing duties to be completed with accuracy and efficiency. She is able to get along well with adult patients of all ages and backgrounds. This nurse works well on a team but is capable of working alone as well. She can handle a heavy workload effectively. The adult nurse is tactful, demonstrates patience and is personable. This nurse has a calming effect on patients.


The adult nurse is computer literate when it comes to inputting patient information. She is skilled in understanding human anatomy and physiology. An adult nurse also has advanced clinical and organizational skills. She possesses verbal and written communication skills and can handle emotional situations of patients and families effectively.

Salary and Occupational Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), adult nurses earn about £27,950 to £40,950 annually. Adult nurses in clinical or surgical hospitals earn salaries at the higher end of the pay scale. BLS states overall growth for registered nurses will increase 22 per cent by the year 2018. This figure includes adult nurses. Increase in this industry is due to nurses retiring and growth in the ageing population.